Welcome to the Jwapmail Homepage!

Jwapmail is opensource wap based email client written using PHP.
Authored by Nasir Simbolon <nasir@3wsi.net>

Jwapmail has been tested at SonyEriccson T28, and Siemens SL45. Any volutenter of testers are welcome.
In the server side, Jwapmail is using IMAP protocols to communicate with the mailbox server
based on the RFC2060 about IMAP and RFC822 about message format.


1. Email client standard functions
Jwapmail support the email client standard functions:
Compose, Reply, Forward, and Folder.

2. Message Filter (Not finish yet)
Message Filter is allow user to manage messages in the folder.

3. User Profile (Not finish yet)
Allow user to set user profiles standard such as, Name and email address.

4. Paging (to overcome content size limitaion)
Due to the vary limitation of content size in WAP GATEWAY, Jwapmail
deliver content with size not exceded the maximum size (kbytes) where maximum size
is a variable set in file configuration.
If the content of message have the size exceed the maximum bytes
Jwapmail split into several page and deliver each page with paging navigation link

From Sourceforge.net : Jwapmail

Original author of Jwapmail is Nasir Simbolon <nasir@3wsi.net>
Currently the author is develope web/wap portal for mobile telecommunication.
The developed portal can be visted at http://mobile.3wsi.net/html/ for html version
and http://mobile.3wsi.net/wap/ for wml version

This software is licenced under GPL